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Cardiovascular Research Center Aalst

Cardiovascular Center Aalst

The Cardiovascular Center Aalst is a leading tertiary, non-university center in cardiology. We deliver state-of-the-art innovative and comprehensive care for patients with cardiovascular disease. Our medical staff of 20 cardiologists closely working with 7 cardiovascular surgeons and supported by more than 200 expert nurses, technicians and other health care staff are committed to provide dedicated and personalized patient's care of the highest quality. We see more than 30.000 patients and provide in-hospital care for 7.000 patients per year.

Better care through research

Besides excellent patient care and advanced training, research to improve this care is one of our top priorities. The patient-centred clinical and translational research serves as an engine facilitating the translation of new knowledge and innovation into daily care. Our Cardiology department is therefore conducting in-depth medical research. This research is evidenced by the numerous publications. Recently, a fundamental research programme in molecular cardiology was launched to investigate the clinical application of stem cells.

Our clinical and research expertise in all fields of modern cardiology enables the Center to sustain its leading national and international position in cardiovascular medicine. We are convinced that patient-centered research and education are critical for the highest possible care and translation of new knowledge and innovation into daily clinical practice. We believe in improving cardiovascular health care through teaching and sharing our experience with all stakeholders involved in the clinical care.

Training and education

The Cardiovascular Center Aalst offers a certified training program in cardiology to trainees under the Belgian convention for specialisation. The advanced postgraduate clinical and research fellowship is an opportunity for young national and international colleagues to gain a subspeciality education, elevate their clinical and research skills in a high volume center with broad variety of clinical and research technologies and acquire a PhD in cardiovascular or translational medicine. Our central goal of the 2-years subspeciality clinical and research fellowship is to advance the clinical or research skills of the applicant in major subspeciality areas of modern cardiology.

Over the years, we trained more than 300 specialists in cardiology in Belgium and worldwide. We publish on a yearly base 20-25 peer-reviewed articles in major cardiovascular international journals with leading citation index in Belgium. Our staff members belong to key opinion leaders in their fields of expertise, serve as members or editors of major cardiology journals and have leading positions in international societies and educational meetings.

Our philosophy

The principal philosophy guiding our research and innovation is to function as a 'center without the walls', where collaboration, exchange of ideas and research are encouraged for the mutual benefit of patients, practitioners and worldwide knowledge.

Support us!

Our research and educational mission is supported by the VZW Cardiovascular Research Center Aalst (Dutch: Hart voor Research Aalst) and the King Baudouin Foundation.

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